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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sample & Flip #5

Supa mean-as beat from Dilla this one. A while back it had a lot of cats I know fiending for copies of A Tribe Called Quest's 'The Jam EP 2' which this track featured on.

As for me, first I heard of it was back on Funkmaster Flex's 'The Mixtape Vol. III' way back. From that point on it was a serious mish to find a vinyl copy of that one track. 

Around 2003-ish(?) Beat Merchants' record store record bins and my path fortunately crossed paths, and it has regularly sat proud in my record bag and spun on Technics turntables at many a gig since.

So, where is the sample from? 

Why it's from Shawn Phillips EPIC fifteen minute-long acoustic guitar and sax funk jam, 'I Don't Want to Leave You, Just Came to Say Goodbye' (the sample section that Dilla used hits around the 1.30 mark) from his 1977 LP 'Spaced', a pretty nice album in it's own right.

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