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Monday, September 13, 2010

AIAIAI x TMA-1 Headphones

It has seemed like a looong time coming, but my TMA-1's should be wrapped cosily around my head by this time tomorrow. 

To celebrate the world-wide release of these mega bad-boy Danish headphones, AIAIAI Headphone's NZ distributor in collabo with the mighty Loop Recordings are putting on a heavy-weight throw-down this Saturday at Auckland's Bacco Room.

A couple of levels of bands with their songs, and some disc-jockeys with their discs are in charge of foot-tap and neck-snap facilitation on the night.

There have been some top-line testers for the brand's flagship ear-wear and it seems that the feedback from the likes of Madlib and Flying Lotus has been a triple thumbs-up!

I'll be making noise at some point with my rap hands and records, so come on down and make a party with us.

Deets below.

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