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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Five - 29th November, 2010

It's a magic sprinkles number 5 today.

Got our gig with Japan's legendary turntablist DJ Krush this Saturday, so it's also a DJ Krush top 5; in no particular order and by no means definitve. 

That would just be too damn hard for a Monday!

One. DJ Krush - Song 1
Two. Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth - 'Only the Strong Survive' (DJ Krush Remix)
Three. DJ Krush - 'Big City Lover' 
Four. DJ Krush - 'Duality'

And while we're at it, here's some dope footage of the man doing his thing live last year in the Czech Republic.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DJ Krush in Auckland City

Definitely excited 'bout this one!

True DJ legend, Japan's DJ Krush hits our fair shores once more to blow minds and melt faces with his distinctive and formidable skills and sound.

Saturday 4th December with my boys Dylan C., Scratch 22 and myself in support.

To tie us over for now, here are some of my favourite Krush jams from the years...

Black Thought droppin' science. From 'Zen'...

DJ Krush on the remix, darkening things down...

From Milight...

The classic reinterpreted...

W/ Esthero...

Sample & Flip #6

When you flip a sample as a producer, sometimes it may have been used by another before you.

In these situations it pays big time to either flip and chop it in a completely different way, or get your #1 idol to remix your track with said sample.

It goes without saying that DJ Cam is clearly heavily influenced by one of the greatest; DJ Premier. 

On his killer LP 'Soulshine' he had Primo remix his track 'Voodoo Child' which featured Afu Ra on raps.

Next up, from their '8 Diagrams' LP and produced by RZA, Wu Tang Clan's 'Life Changes' is a track that they created as a dedication to Russell Jones aka Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Here's the Clan performing it live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in '07 with Method Man doing the kick-off verse.

And thirdly, here is my favourite use of the sample. The now legendary Madlib uses his chopping skills to lace Percee P's 'The Woman Behind Me' remix.


So where does that sweet sample come from that provides the back-drop for these three killer hip-hop productions?

Why it's Freda Payne on her classic 'The Road We Didn't Take' from her 1971 LP 'Contact'.

Mean as.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Five - 8th November, 2010

One. Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. The Dramatics - 'Doggy Dogg World'
Two. Count Bass D & DJ Pocket feat. H20 - '...Guess This'
Three. La Melodia - 'Working On It'
Four. Solid Groove - 'Throwing Stones'
Five. Lazy Jones - 'Africaine'

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haz' Beats - 'The Good Country Beat Tape'

Here's some fresh-as beat material from our man Haz' of Home Brew Crew.

Man makes the beats for MC Tom Scott to spit over on the Home Brew material, some of the nicest hip-hop shit to come outta' New Zealand in a while.

One of the big reasons for their rapid come-up and super-solid fan-base is down to the fact their tunes are so easy to relate to; no bullshit.

Well, Haz' been takin' a bit of flack lately from toys that should prove themselves, pay dues, or really just shut the fuck up. Simple.

The classiest way to retaliate is just to do what you do best and better, tell them you're gonna do it.

Introducing 'The Good Country Beat Tape', inspired by Home Brew's recent NZ tour, and haterz.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Electric Wire Hustle Interview

Electric Wire Hustle have just returned form their first U.S. tour, and by all accounts it was a big success.

Check out an interview below with the lads courtesy of The Mint Collective in L.A.

Monday Five - November 1st, 2010

One. O.C. - 'Time's Up'
Two. Space Dimension Controller - 'Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy'
Three. Debo Band - 'Adderech Arada' (Kiddid Remix)
Four. Tanya Morgan feat. Blu - 'Morgan Blu'
Five. Herbie Hancock - 'Cantaloupe Island'

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