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Thursday, February 24, 2011

tUnE-YarDs - 'Bizness'

Latest fave track ALERT!!!

Don't know shit about tUnE-YarDs except that this track 'Bizness' reminds me of the 90's. 

From her forthcoming LP 'w h o k i l l', it's pop, rock, fresh, different, familiar; all the elements that make up a great single.

Maybe it has something to do with the label she resides on, 4AD? 
Head to Tune Yards' site for more info.

Into it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Five - 22nd February, 2011

Yes, it is dated Tuesday. Having a newborn does this to you, always trying to catch up...apparently.
These are the jams for me right now.

Oh, much strength going out to my fellow countrymen and women in Christchurch, stay strong.
Music heals all...

One. James Blake - 'James Blake'
Two. Roddy Rod - 'VUDU.FOR.U' (Sampler)
Three. Seven Saturdays - 'Au Revoir' (Memoryhouse Remix)
Four. Jacque Polynice - 'Obama O's' (Mike Slott Remix)
Five. Radiohead - 'Lotus Flower'

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chief - 'Drone Beats & Electric Waves'

Seeing as it is still Dilla appreciation week (month, year, years, always), here is a suitably efficient drum heavy, Dilla-tipping, Slum Village-nodding instrumental LP from Swiss beatmaker Chief.

Another 'Off the Record' highly recommended.

Al Quetz a.k.a Quetzal - 'Drums Come From Africa'

In the last few years I have really gotten into original African sounds, particularly music from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and north Africa.

Being a drum-head myself, this instrumental LP right here is a sweet combination of those lovely African rhythms and programmed hip-hop drums.

Judging by this pic from his Bandcamp page, we're gonna see a vinyl version. 

It is pretty easy to get bored with a lot of "Instrumental" projects these days but there's some really good ideas going on here from Quetzal (who regularly teams up with Onra for production work).

Some of the beats are pretty fruity, and I love that!
Highly recommended.

Monday Five, 14th February, 2011

Server shut down on me last night.
This week it's drum heavy.

One. Al Quetz a.k.a. Quetzal - 'Drums Come Africa' LP
Two. James Blake - 'I Only Know (What I KNow Now)'
Three. Chief - 'Fantastic Weekend'
Four. Do The Dilla - 'A Tribute to the Drum Master' EP
Five. Toro Y Moi - 'New Beat'

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dilla's Birthday II x Scienz of Life

Recorded not long after the Ledge passed in 2006, Scienz of Life's track 'Dilla Forever'.

A coasting hand-clap beat with guitar loops and verses gushing in praise for the genius that was/is James D. Yancey.

Pick up the free DL for your Dilla appreciation week soundtrack.

Monday, February 7, 2011

DTMD x Loan For The Lonely/The Struggle Is Real EP

Ohhhh yeah! More DTMD!

Can't wait for the album to be honest. 'The Basics' EP from January 2010 is D.O.P.E, I thrashed it hard when it first got on my player.

This is another little teaser of their  soulful beats and raps. My pick, 'The Struggle Is Real'.


Bonus s**t: The sweet video of 'You' from 'The Basics'.

Monday Five - 7th February, 2011

Settle down now, settle down...

One. Droop-E - 'High In The Sky'
Two. Baby Huey - 'Hard Times'
Three. Azymuth - 'Os Cara La' (Sean J. Period Remix)
Four. Shawne Jackson - 'I Can't Make It Without You'
Five. Terrace Martin feat. 9th Wonder - 'Never Stop Lovin' You'

Load that shit up!

Kev Brown x Instrumentals

Everybody digs a bit of Kev Brown in their lives.

Here's his DL latest gifts to the world of beats, 'Instrumentals Vol.1' from his Bandcamp page.

Mean Kev! Mean!

While we're on it, how about some 'oldie but goodies' for some ear massage...

Dilla's Birthday

Dilla's birthday.

Here's Stray Phrases banging out their version of the entire Jay Dee classic LP 'Donuts' at Brooklyn's The Tea Lounge last Thursday.

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