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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Park - 'The Process...'


The Park has an interesting little piece out in the world.

Their EP 'The Process' came out yesterday on the heels of their lovely recent single 'Belleville' which I muchly dig.

The EP plays out in a jazz/rock/progressive manner with glimpses of beat-work production and a very much live feel from the San Franciscan quartet. At times it can sound like lost Ummah productions played live!

Have a gander at a couple of my favourite tracks and pick up the whole thing at the wonderful world of Bandcamp.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Five - June 27th, 2011

Some of these tracks may well finish in my top songs of the year if not the top; they are THAT good...

One. Floating Points - 'Farukx'
Three. Africa Hitech - 'Light the Way'
Four. The Sonarphonics feat. Margarita Thompson - 'Super Breaker'
Five. J Rawls - 'Why You Do'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Letherette - 'EP2'

Wolverhampton's Letherette have just released their 'EP2' following hot on the heals of their... um, 'EP1'.


These guys had me excited last year with their stunning remix of Bibio's 'Lover's Carvings' (a track that came extremely close to being my top tune of the year) and their own tune 'Blad', which was not far behind.

Well, 'EP2' is out and about, my vinyl copy sits snug waiting for me to pick it up from Conch Records.


Monday Five - 20th June, 2011

One. Madlib feat. Frank Nitty & MED - 'What Can U Tell Me?'
Two. Floating Points - 'Marilyn'
Three. Letherette - 'Shoe Be Do'
Four. TOKiMONSTA feat. Gavin Turek - 'Little Pleasures'
Five. Dinosaur Jr. - 'In A Jar'

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Floating Points + New Floating Points x Fatima

Safe to say I am always fiending for new shit from the U.K.'s Floating Points.
A classically trained musician plying his craft in electronica; this kid has SERIOUS talent and is one of my favourite producers of the last 2 years.

He has blessed the music world with some seriously amazing tunes over the past couple, and his restraint in only releasing top quality (READ: all killer/no filler) means that I always purchase the vinyl versions.

The latest to appear come in the form of his very sweet 4-tracker with Fatima, 'Follow You' EP released on June 6th and his own 'Marilyn' 12" released this week, both on the always fresh and innovative EGLO Records.

Check out jazzy club-groove 'Marilyn' and b-side 'Farucx' on the ambient tip by hitting the titles.

These kind of things REALLY make my day.
Hope you enjoy too...

Flying Lotus x Sonnymoon - 'Zodiac Shit' (Remix) FREE DL

Sonnymoon's new LP is not too far off now. With the promise shown on their 2011 debut 'Golden Age', heads are expecting good things.

As a tater before the main event, Sonnymoon have dropped a remix of Fly-Lo's 'Zodiac Shit' from his stellar 'Cosmogramma' LP.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mo Kolours x Wax Poetics - 'The Drum Walking' Mixtape

Mo Kolours is new on the scene after recently releasing his interesting 'EP:1 - Drum Talking' on One Handed Music.

He has just combined with super-music mag Wax Poetics to release a mix tape with an interesting twist.

He has listed all of the drummers form each track as the "track name" rather than the actual title of the song.
Check it form Soundcloud...

Monday Five - 13th June, 2011

One. Ahu - 'Contact'
Two. Nomo & Shawn Lee - 'Upside Down'
Three. Young RJ feat. Posdnous, ViceVerse & Baatin - 'People'
Four. Vanilla - 'Genesis (Change Things Up)'
Five. Knxwledge - 'Fade'

Ahu - 'Contact' x Brigette Bardot Cover FREE DL

British singer Ahu has collab'd with the likes of Paul White, Soundspecies and Flying Lotus.

HERE is a lovely piece where she uses a sample from Brigette Bardot's song 'Contact'.

Peep the original below...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Donwill (Tanya Morgan) & Suff Daddy - DPPLGNGR EP

Donwill of Tanya Morgan and the scandalous Scando beat-maker Suff Daddy have done did a record together!

Well, more like a mixtape/beat-tape collab which seems to be the flavour of the month right now.

I have always liked the beats that Suff creates, enough to buy vinyl copies of his 'Hi-Hat Club (Vol.2)' EP and 'Gin Diaries' EP anyway.

Here we have the Don' doing his thing over some of that very hotness from above for a tasty little result...

Monday Five - June 6th 2011 (The Late Edition)

One. B - 'Jesus'
Two. Little Brother - 'Nighttime Maneuvers'
Three. Nomo & Shawn Lee - 'Upside Down'
Four. Fantastic Man - 'Say What You Said'
Five. Vanilla - 'Away So Long'

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Benny Tones - 'Chrysalis' Remixes FREE DL

Finally got round to opening this one in my e-mail!

The man Benny Tones, sound engineer for one of NZ's finest Electric Wire Hustle, has had a a few mixes freaked on his tracks from his super-solid 'Chrysalis' LP.

Remixes from Portugese wunderkid fLako plus Kamandi and Opiou.

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins - 'SomeOthaShip' FREE DL

Georgia Anne and Dudley have decided to just give us the opp to DL their modern-funk killer 'SomeOthaShip'.

Don't hesitate, an LP not to miss.

Pick it up right HERE.

"This project is 13 tracks long featuring Black Milk, Prince Po, MED, Rapper Big Pooh, Kazi,  LMNOKool G Rap and more.  The production is equally stellar featuring work from Black Milk, Oddisee, Dudley Perkins, Georgia Muldrow, and Flying Lotus.  Included in the download version is bonus material including an Oh No remix featuring Rapper Big Pooh & MED and an LD mix. This project was originally released in 2010 and represents some of MMG's earliest work having been the 2nd project Mello embarked on.  G&D are busy preparing another album which is due out in Fall on Dudley & Georgia's label SomeOthaShip Connect ."

Blu - 'Jesus'

Blu is as prolific as he is good!

Here is his latest offering under the alias 'B' titled 'Jesus'.

I have had a good listen through the course of today and I am digging it, yes! 
Low-slung 90's type beats that get as much shine as Blu's rhymes, it's the porduction roster that raises eyebrows for me: Alchemist, Madlib, Hezekiah, Knxledge...

Particularly into '4U' and title track 'Jesus'.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vanilla - 'High Life'

I stumbled upon Vanilla's talents only a couple of months ago through the net-vine.
His 'Chrometrails' EP has been on heavy rotate on my i-Pod since, check out the post here.

Here's a couple of fave beats from...

Well, he recently released a new beat tape with a bangin' 27 tracks for your listening pleasure. Like Chrometrails, there is some above the usual quality here...

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