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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday (Tuesday) Five - July 27th, 2010

Shit, just remembered...
All about the remixes this week.

One. Active Child - 'When Your Love Is Safe' (Classixx Remix) [New-style yacht rock AWESOMENESS!]
Two. Osborne - 'Afrika' (Bullion Remix)
Four. Teams - 'Bali'

Might I add that I am lovin' this yacht rock/beat sound style that's goin' on around the place right now. 
My cup of tea.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cut Chemist - 'Sound of the Police' X Mix


Hey hey hey! Hot mix alert! Check this one out from now free-to-roam (sans Jurassic 5 obligations) DJ Cut Chemist.

Now, I love African rhythms and have been a really big fan, particularly over the last 3-4 years and Cut Chemist does a job on this one.

It is VERY dope.

Head here to check out the talented man's website.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Plaything Gallery X Base FM X Dan Paine - 'Play This Thing!' Mix

I made this here quickie-mix (in more ways than one) early last year when we were doing promo for a Base FM x Plaything Gallery NY City 80's music collabo party that never really took off...or did it, I can't remember if it went ahead.

Favourite NY City artists such as Arthur Russell, Talking Heads, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash...

Anyhow, this remains, and here it is w/ DL above and a stream below through Mixcloud, everybody's fave podcast and mix site. Whoopeeee!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music, Poetry, Painting & Death

I was actually intending on doing a thorough review of the films that I checked at the NZFF over the weekend, but old-man time got the better of me (podcasting actually - nearly finished).

I have found a very suitable alternative however, my fellow Base FM team-member Peter Mac has done a fantastic rundown of 'Jean-Michel Basquiat - The Radiant Child' here on his blog 'Dub Dot Dash'. Nice work Pete!

A very interesting and sad documentary that really does highlight the price of fame.
What I will say though, is that it did showcase how stunning Basquiat's works of art are. They were featured exstensively, and it blew me away really.

Also checked 'HOWL' which documents the court case in 1955 surrounding poet Allen Ginsberg's now seminal work. (Ha ha, I never ever thought that I would check out Poets.org)

Pretty creepy and intense stuff for 10.30 on a Sunday morning, really good nonetheless.
Comedian James Franco is superb as the gay Ginsberg; it was a tough yet rewarding watch and a nice counterpoint (the famous poet led a full, long and happy life) to the other two "price of fame" films that I was to watch.

AND, 'Gainsbourg', a slightly skewed look at the life of legendary French (actually Russian, I did not know) musical lothario, Serge Gainsbourg.

He really could rock the killer double-denim and white Repetto's with no socks look amazingly, as actor Eric Elmosnino, Serge's modern-day doppelganger did with wasted aplomb. It was quite uncanny!

A thoroughly fulfilling mind-fill of the arts was had. Keep an eye out for general release of all three films, I highy recommend.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bruce Haack - 'Party Machine'

This is just great. New post on the brilliant Stonesthrow Records website. Bruce Haack, don't know much about, but this is gold. Vocoder boogie at the party!

Guess the year this was filmed?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Monday Five 19th July, 2010

One. Caribou - 'Sun'
Two. Andreya Triana - 'Lost Where I Belong' (Flying Lotus Remix)
Four. The Roots feat. Blu, P.O.R.N & Dice Raw - 'Radio Dayze'
Five. James Blake - 'I'll Stay'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dam Funk X MC Eiht X Steve Arrington 12"

I met and interviewed Damon 'Dam Funk' earlier this year, cool cat, nice guy. He was talking about this record and more in our back an' forth funk banter. (I'll post up a file of the interview in the near future).

News about this soon come 12" on my favourite label Stonesthrow Records, leaves me excited to say the least.
Steve Arrington is a musician whose electro-funk jams I have admired for a minute, and little did I know he was the drummer for Slave, until Damon let me know! Very cool.

Enjoy the funky DL, and vinyl heads, keep ya eyes peeled for the wax coming soon!

'Timeless' Wednesday 21st, 2010 Khuja

Many thanks to Morgan at thisculture.com for organising this one. Nice work cuz!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Electric Wire Hustle X Joy Orbison X Benji B. 'Deviation'

Our boys from Welly, Electric Wire Hustle have just completed their first set at Benji B's revered 'Deviation' club night along with white-hot newcomer Joy Orbison.

Hit the secret special linkers to check out the pics of the night.

Sounds like the boys created a looong line out the front of the club, just like they deserve to!

P.S. Here's a brief article from 2009 on XLR8R with video links and a downloadabubble Joy Orbison mix for your ears.

(Late) Monday Five. Monday 12th July, 2010

Shit, I forgot! Oh well, better late than...

Hint: For aural pressies, look for linkage.

One. Caribou - 'Leave House'
Two. Ghostpoet - 'The Sound of Strangers' EP
Three. Korallreven - 'The Truest Faith' (CFCF Remix)
Four. Black Sheep feat. Jean Grae - 'Party Tonight'
Five. The Roots feat. Joanna Newsom & STS - 'Right On'

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banksy and the St. James

Paul White - 'Paul White & The Purple Brain'

Here's an interesting project for you to check out. Londoner Paul White is one of the many new brigade of producers to have appeared on the scene in this post-Dilla age. There are many reasons for (won't go on a tangent right now), but I seem to hear of a 'hottest new'/'next-big thing' producer every other week. A lot sound like the last one and to be honest, there are only a handful that are worth more than a few listens.

This one released as a collab between One-Handed Music and Stonesthrow Records off-shoot, Egon's baby, Now Again Records is a melting pot of musical styles that is hard to put a broad label on.

White took 1990's Swedish psych-rock guru(!) ST Mikael's sporadic releases chopped them up and went bananas on that shit! Here is the result (hit the link above); an ill blend of floaty ballads, beat-driven numbers and psychedelic jams with heavy Eastern influences. 


Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Off the Record' w/ Dan Paine 7th July, 2010

A little tardy this week on getting this up, so apologies to the three people out there that were fiending on getting some of the track names! Ha ha...

Will eventually be adding a podcast of the fortnightly show for download, so keep posted.

'Off the Record' w/ Dan Paine from July 7th 2010 playlist after the jump people.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eric L. - Rhyme Travelin' EP

I was gonna post this before I went out, but ran outta time. Just checked the Banksy film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' at the New Zealand FIlm Festival. Highly recommended, funny shit!

Anyway, I had some of this up LOUD before I headed off into the night, mainly 'Future Flows' w/ Hezekiah
Eric L., from Sweden, making some nice ripples on the production tip.

Check for the 'Hey Cat' video featuring Kissey Asplund and Cerebral, an older favourite, Vortex after the jump!

<a href="http://soularprecords.bandcamp.com/album/rhyme-travelin">Time Travelin (Feat. Paul Mac Innes) by Soularp Records</a>

Monday, July 5, 2010

Legends # 1: Jasper Johns. Makes Great Things.

Hands down my favourite painter of all. 
The legend, Jasper Johns.

'Watchman', 1964.

'Painting With Two Balls', 1960.

Andy Warhol talks Jasper Johns.

Gainsbourg X Basquiat

There is something about the New Zealand Film Festival. There is some kind of magical feeling every time it rolls around. For me I think it is something to do with giving Auckland a much needed culture injection at just the right time; you know, winter blues and all that.

Then, there's the mighty Civic Theatre, one of this city's crown jewels. I just bug out every time I enter that place; and to  think that 15-odd years ago, the local government were gonna bust it down. Now that's fucked! I was one of the thousands who signed the petition that eventually stopped it happening. That building makes me that little bit more proud of my place of birth.

Anyway, I digress. Two films that I am hyped for this year shed some light on two of the 20th Century's more interesting musical geniuses, iconic Parisian Serge Gainsbourg and the legendary multi-media artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Links and classic footage after the jump...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Monday Five: July 4th, 2010

Yeah, I know this is posted on a Sunday, but I am gonna be fuckin' busy this Monday so I planned ahead!
Besides, there are so many lovely tunes in my head at the moment, they just gotta be exposed...

Here is the latest. The Monday Five:

One. Daisuke Tanabe - 'Kanon'
Two. Aloe Blacc - 'Femme Fatale'
Three. B.Bravo - 'Computer Love'
Four. Sotu the Traveller - 'Hour Glass' (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
Five. TiRon feat. Blu & Asher Roth - 'The Richers'

Daisuke Tanabe (Artist Feature)

Japanese pop-culture often tends to come across as child-like and "cutesy" to us in the west, and in many cases it is just that. On the other hand the seemingly bizarre and mysterious ways of the Land of the Rising Sun do invoke curiosity and intrigue; there is a certain mystery about the place even in these times of the information age.

Musically, Japan like most other countries puts out a lot of sugary throwaway pop artists and tunes, but scratch the surface and find an incredible array of interesting, sometimes whacky underground sounds.

Daisuke Tanabe is a producer with beat-maker roots, but you might find that his sound bears closer relation to the
cinematic soundtracks of Hayao Miyazaki's stunning anime than to more hip-hop or downbeat, drum-driven productions. There are bouncy melodies, cartoonish electronic flourishes, and those "cutesy" sounds that more likely evoke images of Totoro's little buddies or Ponyo skipping in the whitewash than anything else.

Some of his music is seriously beautiful though, and having only released his first 12" in 2006 ('Gas' on Fluid Ounce) he is a relatively new artist on the scene, yet he has a pedigree that saw him start developing his unique sound from the age of 16.

2010 has seen the release of his debut LP, 'Before I Forget' on Circulations Records who have also distributed releases from the likes of Reggie. B and Japan's Super Smoky Soul.

Here is my current fave tune 'Kanon', a simple and beautiful example of this man's sound. LP details at Discogs below...

Daisuke Tanabe - Kanon by CIRCULATIONS

For a listen, check out: Daisuke Tanabe - Before I Forget (CD, Album) at Discogs

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sotu the Traveller - Hourglass EP


Mean as mix from my homies Scratch 22 and DJ Paydirt from the ARC Crew.
Always enjoy the business coming from these cats; how about 45 tracks in 49 minutes?!

Scratch 22 & DJ Paydirt - Afternoon ARC x ABC Mix from Scratch22 at Letsmix.com
Scratch 22 & DJ Paydirt - Afternoon ARC x ABC Mix from Scratch22 at Letsmix.com.
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