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Monday, July 5, 2010

Gainsbourg X Basquiat

There is something about the New Zealand Film Festival. There is some kind of magical feeling every time it rolls around. For me I think it is something to do with giving Auckland a much needed culture injection at just the right time; you know, winter blues and all that.

Then, there's the mighty Civic Theatre, one of this city's crown jewels. I just bug out every time I enter that place; and to  think that 15-odd years ago, the local government were gonna bust it down. Now that's fucked! I was one of the thousands who signed the petition that eventually stopped it happening. That building makes me that little bit more proud of my place of birth.

Anyway, I digress. Two films that I am hyped for this year shed some light on two of the 20th Century's more interesting musical geniuses, iconic Parisian Serge Gainsbourg and the legendary multi-media artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Links and classic footage after the jump...

'Gainsbourg' tells us of Serge's life as a the ultimate hipster lothario (his live TV "interview" with Whitney Houston) and sheds light on the creation of some of his most memorable and incredible music ('Bonnie & Clyde').

'Jean-Michel Basquiat: Radiant Child' is documentary style (check the trailer), and chronicles the absurdly fast rise to fame of a Brooklyn-born grafitti artist living in bohemian poverty at the age of 21 to multi-millionaire in little over a year...insane! But that's not the half of it...

Can't wait! Maybe see you there.

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