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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banksy and the St. James

So I went to see the Banksy flick 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' at the mighty Civic Theatre along with a shit load of excited Aucklanders and a handful of those annoying people that feel the need to comment to their (clearly) non-blind friends throughout most of the film. We were sitting in the circle near the back. The Civic Theatre is HUGE.

Verdict: The film was hilarious, and well worth my two hours of attention. However you do, check it out.

I was also in the building for the opening night screening of 'I Am Love', an Italian film starring Tilda Swinton(?!) that left many people bemused and the general consensus was that this one was a waste of their two hours attention. 
I for one enjoyed it; with stunning cinematography and masterly camerawork it was a tough watch in parts, but pretty satisfying. It is certainly different.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to mention quite excitedly (me) that our mayor John Banks aka "Banksy" (he called himself that twice in his brief speech) stated, amongst self-deprecating comments and energetic politicking, that the dilapidated St. James Theatre on Queen Street is to undergo a refurbishment! 
Cue whoops from the hip young crowd in attendance; big smiles on dials.

You heard it here first... or possibly already from your flatmate... or you were there yourself; whatever, it is welcome news that the missing link in the Auckland gig-venue market, an iconic one at that is to become once again operational.

Stay tuned. 

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