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Friday, July 9, 2010

Eric L. - Rhyme Travelin' EP

I was gonna post this before I went out, but ran outta time. Just checked the Banksy film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' at the New Zealand FIlm Festival. Highly recommended, funny shit!

Anyway, I had some of this up LOUD before I headed off into the night, mainly 'Future Flows' w/ Hezekiah
Eric L., from Sweden, making some nice ripples on the production tip.

Check for the 'Hey Cat' video featuring Kissey Asplund and Cerebral, an older favourite, Vortex after the jump!

<a href="http://soularprecords.bandcamp.com/album/rhyme-travelin">Time Travelin (Feat. Paul Mac Innes) by Soularp Records</a>

Cerebral Vortex & Kissey Asplund - HeyCat from captain blyth on Vimeo.

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