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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul White - 'Paul White & The Purple Brain'

Here's an interesting project for you to check out. Londoner Paul White is one of the many new brigade of producers to have appeared on the scene in this post-Dilla age. There are many reasons for (won't go on a tangent right now), but I seem to hear of a 'hottest new'/'next-big thing' producer every other week. A lot sound like the last one and to be honest, there are only a handful that are worth more than a few listens.

This one released as a collab between One-Handed Music and Stonesthrow Records off-shoot, Egon's baby, Now Again Records is a melting pot of musical styles that is hard to put a broad label on.

White took 1990's Swedish psych-rock guru(!) ST Mikael's sporadic releases chopped them up and went bananas on that shit! Here is the result (hit the link above); an ill blend of floaty ballads, beat-driven numbers and psychedelic jams with heavy Eastern influences. 


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