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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alexis Davis - 'The Lift' x Free DL

This just popped into my e-mail this morning.
What a line-up of talent! I am a fan of all these guys and here they brought the chilled hip hop that we know and love from them all individually.

Filtered samples, snappy drums, Replife's easy flow and what sounds to me like a different flip on the sample that Dilla used for Common's track 'Nag Champa'?

Freddie Joachim - 'That Girl'

Sweet and soulful new jam from Freddie Joachim.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wajeed Breaks Down Dilla's 'Look Of Love' Beat

The latest in the 'Bling47 Breaks Dilla Edition' series has Wajeed of PPP breaking down Dilla's beautiful 'Look of Love' beat which he did for Slum Village's Fantastic Vol. One LP and also for the sneaky J-88 EP.

Lovely tune (one of my favourites actually) and great to hear it being broken down...

Tuesday Six - 19th June, 2012

This week as usual I have favourites coming out of my ears, going back in again, swirling around and all that.

Sometimes it's all too much!

One. Neneh Cherry & The Thing - 'Dream Baby Dream' (Fourtet Remix)
Two. Can - 'Oscura Primavera'
Three. Peaking Lights - 'Live Love'
Four. Q-Tip feat. Busta Rhymes - 'For The Nasty' (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Five. Nightwave - 'For You'

Bonus video from Neneh Cherry & the Thing doing a cover of Madvillain's legendary track 'Accordian'.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Off the Record' Podcast - 'The Update' Parts I & II

These podcasts were made in April with the intention of getting the tunes that I was into at the time out there into the world.

Not really DJ mixes but lightly-mixed compilations with the occasional flourish.


Devonwho - 'Strangebrew' Video

Just cos' it's a really lovely jam and the video is cool.
Devonwho's latest tune, 'Strangebrew'.

Deltron 3030 x Live Rehearsal

These guys have been laying low for over a decade now when all of a sudden we find footage of them in rehearsal for some kind of dope extravaganza; well, you know it's gonna be when these cats combine.

Oh, and with an orchestra! Seems to be a bit of a trend right now.
They debuted the set in Toronto last night so here's hoping for a new project soon.

Tuesday Ten - 12th June 2012

It's been nigh on a month since my last post, but for various reasons the brief hiatus has been nice.
I have a bit to post today, so lets kick off with a giant Tuesday Ten.

One. Ifan Dafyyd - 'Treehouse'
Two. Darkhouse Family feat. Om'Mas Keith - 'Take On The World'
Three. Bobby Womack - 'The Bravest Man In The Universe'
Four. Osmar Milito & Quarter Forma - 'America Latino'
Five. The Internet - 'The Garden'
Six. Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Sa-Ra - 'Deep Inside' (Belle Isle Remix)
Seven. Bobby Womack feat. Lana del Rey - 'Dayglo Reflection'
Eight. Eddie Hopper - 'Tomorrow's Sun'
Nine. The Staples Singers - 'Let's Do It Again'

Bonus video...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Booda French x Von Pea - Full Time (Mecca:83 Remix)

Nice spacious, loping remix by Mecca:83.

Free DL for the minute.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Brew Speakeasy x 48 Hour Party x LP Release

Home Brew have just released their long-awaited double LP opus and to celebrate they are throwing a 48-hour release parrrttyyy in a former brothel in Auckland's beautiful suburb of Kingsland.

I don't really need to say much except that the line-up above gives you a fairly good idea of how things are intended on progressing but I would absolutely stupified if it all went to schedule.

Whoever is running that shit is gonna have their work cut out. It's gonna be AMAZING.

Pick up their brilliant new record here or physical copies in Auckland's finest dairies and pubs.

Knxwledge - 'WrapTaypes.Port2[bootleg]'

Said it once, maybe twice, say it again: Knxwledge is a BEAST.

Probably the most prolific artist that I can think of, he has just released yet another EP/LP of tunes.
This is getting silly really, lucky his shit is hot!

Oddisse - 'People Hear What They See' Release Date

Oddisee has just posted online that he will be releasing his latest (sure-to-be-dope) LP on June 12th.
That be the day after Bobby Womack's highly anticipated 'The Bravest Man In the Universe' LP.

Gonna be a good week that week!

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