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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sample & Flip #2

What do Bob Dylan, David T. Walker, Ministry, People Under the Stairs, and INI have in common?

Haz'Beats: 30 Day Jammin'

Haz' from local crew Homebrew has finally completed his beat marathon. He undertook to create a beat a day for the month of June, creating on occasion two a day. Despite floating in the clouds most days and treating June like his own personal party, the man hit the finish line goin' hard. Fuckin' eh!

Many of them beat-maker gems, the final installment came today as a tribute to two of his biggest influences, two legendary cats in the hip-hop production world who both passed away well before their time was due; Japan's Nujabes and J-Dilla from Detroit, USA.

Check it below plus a favourite track of mine from both Dilla and Nujabes after the jump.


Haz' Beats - R.I.P (Dilla & Nujabes Tribute) by Haz'Beats is GoonieHodges

Jet Set Records. Kyoto.

Over the years I've imported my fair share of vinyl online from this seriously nice record shop.
On a recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun we hit Kyoto for some sightseeing and some solid digging action!

Now I will say I'm one of the first to check my local record store, but sometimes you need to find that gem online that just can't be found locally...

Jet Set be ya' spot!...

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Blood (Artist Feature): DTMD

Now these guys just appeared on the scene outta nowhere sometime last year, can't remember where or when exactly...

Anyhow, their EP 'The Basics' is real sweet. Certainly worth your time to download from their Bandcamp page, and the generous youngsters from the U.S. offer it for free.

Certainly some of the nicest new-school i've heard in a while. Can definitely hear the Jay Dee influence; in fact they even name a track 'Fantastic'. And the band's name, without doubt a homage to the legendary EPMD.

They're still in school too!

<a href="http://dtmd.bandcamp.com/album/the-basics-ep">Intro by DTMD (Dunc &amp; Toine Makin&#39; Dollas)</a>

Check the video for 'You' after the jump...

The Monday Five: June 28th, 2010

From now on I have wished it upon myself to post on every Monday, 5 tunes that I can't get enough of...
The Monday Five.

One. Robert Glasper feat. Zynzelay - 'Dilla Shine'
Two. Cee Lo Green - 'Is It?'
Three. Ghostpoet feat. Michachu - 'Morning'
Four. Rachel Sweet - 'It's So Different Here'
Five. Prince - 'U Got the Look'


'OTR' Podcast Review (December 2009)

Check-out this mega-sized OTR Podcast that I did in collab with DJ Morning Steppa's Baby Steps Music last year. 
Great to chill to; bump it in ya shop! Hit the link above.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Timeless: Composer/Arranger Series Film Exclusive in AK City

Really excited about this little event. 
Wednesday July 21st from 8pm at AK City's Khuja Lounge, this will be a must attend event if you are around Auckland on this date.

Long anticipated, This Culture has done the work to bring you this special event. It will be a 2-hour mix presentation of some of the dopest scenes from the three Timeless Live events recorded earlier this year.

I'll be there as DJ support dropping some of my favourite Arthur Verocai, Dilla, and Mulatu Astatke joints 'Off the Record' style!
To give you a taste, find some more details and a video after the jump...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

EWH Vinyl

Looks like the boys' vinyl can't be far away from release. Exciting times from one of our finest electronic bands.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sample & Flip #1

Saw The Beatnuts on a cold and wet night last Thursday. I had had their dope jam 'We Got the Funk' on repeat for most of the week in the lead-up to the gig. They didn't drop it in the set, but they sure did drop a helluva lot of their other classic material. 
Lovely use of the Rachel Sweet track, 'It's So Different Here', especially the sample for the "...so hot..." vocal stabs.

Sometimes you seek out the sample from a track and find that the loop is actually taken from  a tiny snippet of the original jam...

'Off the Record' w/ Dan Paine 23rd June, 2010

Latest play-list after the jump. 

Vinyl Rules.

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