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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sample & Flip #1

Saw The Beatnuts on a cold and wet night last Thursday. I had had their dope jam 'We Got the Funk' on repeat for most of the week in the lead-up to the gig. They didn't drop it in the set, but they sure did drop a helluva lot of their other classic material. 
Lovely use of the Rachel Sweet track, 'It's So Different Here', especially the sample for the "...so hot..." vocal stabs.

Sometimes you seek out the sample from a track and find that the loop is actually taken from  a tiny snippet of the original jam...

Then there's those ones when it just bumps and rides right through the original, and it turns out that it is a killer jam in it's own right; this is definitely one of those ones! 
Here's the original...Enjoy!

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