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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Booda French x Von Pea - Full Time (Mecca:83 Remix)

Nice spacious, loping remix by Mecca:83.

Free DL for the minute.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Brew Speakeasy x 48 Hour Party x LP Release

Home Brew have just released their long-awaited double LP opus and to celebrate they are throwing a 48-hour release parrrttyyy in a former brothel in Auckland's beautiful suburb of Kingsland.

I don't really need to say much except that the line-up above gives you a fairly good idea of how things are intended on progressing but I would absolutely stupified if it all went to schedule.

Whoever is running that shit is gonna have their work cut out. It's gonna be AMAZING.

Pick up their brilliant new record here or physical copies in Auckland's finest dairies and pubs.

Knxwledge - 'WrapTaypes.Port2[bootleg]'

Said it once, maybe twice, say it again: Knxwledge is a BEAST.

Probably the most prolific artist that I can think of, he has just released yet another EP/LP of tunes.
This is getting silly really, lucky his shit is hot!

Oddisse - 'People Hear What They See' Release Date

Oddisee has just posted online that he will be releasing his latest (sure-to-be-dope) LP on June 12th.
That be the day after Bobby Womack's highly anticipated 'The Bravest Man In the Universe' LP.

Gonna be a good week that week!

Adi Dick x RMXD EP - Free DL

Remixes EP from Wellington City's Adi Dick.

Classic hip-hop and contemporary soul tunes are the subject matter here and Adi does a great job in updating some of the tunes with a modern feel while retaining the core (namely the lyrics!) of the originals.

Highly recommended DJ material.

Early May Top Ten - 3rd May 2012

I'll say it like Yoda: Slack a bit I have been.
Hey, it's been a busy month for me and to be honest the prospect of blogging recently has left me slightly un-motivated.

However today I return with vigour posting about Womack, Adi Dick remixes, Home Brew, top tens and all this jazz!
Having not posted a line-up for a minute, I am teeming with exciting tunes to share.

Like Dilla, let's go!

One. Bobby Womack - 'The Bravest Man In the Universe'
Two. Woolfy vs. Projections - 'Carry On'
Three. Speech Debelle - 'I'm With It' (Lapalux Remix)
Four. Glass Candy - 'Geto Boys' (Instrumental)
Five. Jai Paul - 'Jasmine' (Demo)
Six. Arca  - 'Dignity'
Seven. KwikFiks - 'I Love You'
Eight. Jai Paul - 'Genevieve' (Demo)
Nine. Little Brother - 'Watch Me'
Ten. Kelpe  - 'I Felt Fuzzy'


Bobby Womack - 'Bravest Man In the Universe' Audio

June 11th sees the release of Bobby Womack's first LP since 1994 and I cannot wait!

I love his oft-off kilter singing style and gravely tone and have long been obsessed with his 2001 collab with Rae & Christian, 'Get A Life'.

Following from earlier single release 'Please Forgive My Heart', here is the next audio to appear from the forthcoming long player, title track 'The Bravest Man In the Universe'.

Beautiful piano-led and dreamy music.

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