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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Blood (Artist Feature): DTMD

Now these guys just appeared on the scene outta nowhere sometime last year, can't remember where or when exactly...

Anyhow, their EP 'The Basics' is real sweet. Certainly worth your time to download from their Bandcamp page, and the generous youngsters from the U.S. offer it for free.

Certainly some of the nicest new-school i've heard in a while. Can definitely hear the Jay Dee influence; in fact they even name a track 'Fantastic'. And the band's name, without doubt a homage to the legendary EPMD.

They're still in school too!

<a href="http://dtmd.bandcamp.com/album/the-basics-ep">Intro by DTMD (Dunc &amp; Toine Makin' Dollas)</a>

Check the video for 'You' after the jump...

DTMD - You from Zack Schamberg on Vimeo.

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