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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Haz'Beats: 30 Day Jammin'

Haz' from local crew Homebrew has finally completed his beat marathon. He undertook to create a beat a day for the month of June, creating on occasion two a day. Despite floating in the clouds most days and treating June like his own personal party, the man hit the finish line goin' hard. Fuckin' eh!

Many of them beat-maker gems, the final installment came today as a tribute to two of his biggest influences, two legendary cats in the hip-hop production world who both passed away well before their time was due; Japan's Nujabes and J-Dilla from Detroit, USA.

Check it below plus a favourite track of mine from both Dilla and Nujabes after the jump.


Haz' Beats - R.I.P (Dilla & Nujabes Tribute) by Haz'Beats is GoonieHodges

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