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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music, Poetry, Painting & Death

I was actually intending on doing a thorough review of the films that I checked at the NZFF over the weekend, but old-man time got the better of me (podcasting actually - nearly finished).

I have found a very suitable alternative however, my fellow Base FM team-member Peter Mac has done a fantastic rundown of 'Jean-Michel Basquiat - The Radiant Child' here on his blog 'Dub Dot Dash'. Nice work Pete!

A very interesting and sad documentary that really does highlight the price of fame.
What I will say though, is that it did showcase how stunning Basquiat's works of art are. They were featured exstensively, and it blew me away really.

Also checked 'HOWL' which documents the court case in 1955 surrounding poet Allen Ginsberg's now seminal work. (Ha ha, I never ever thought that I would check out Poets.org)

Pretty creepy and intense stuff for 10.30 on a Sunday morning, really good nonetheless.
Comedian James Franco is superb as the gay Ginsberg; it was a tough yet rewarding watch and a nice counterpoint (the famous poet led a full, long and happy life) to the other two "price of fame" films that I was to watch.

AND, 'Gainsbourg', a slightly skewed look at the life of legendary French (actually Russian, I did not know) musical lothario, Serge Gainsbourg.

He really could rock the killer double-denim and white Repetto's with no socks look amazingly, as actor Eric Elmosnino, Serge's modern-day doppelganger did with wasted aplomb. It was quite uncanny!

A thoroughly fulfilling mind-fill of the arts was had. Keep an eye out for general release of all three films, I highy recommend.

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