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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haz' Beats - 'The Good Country Beat Tape'

Here's some fresh-as beat material from our man Haz' of Home Brew Crew.

Man makes the beats for MC Tom Scott to spit over on the Home Brew material, some of the nicest hip-hop shit to come outta' New Zealand in a while.

One of the big reasons for their rapid come-up and super-solid fan-base is down to the fact their tunes are so easy to relate to; no bullshit.

Well, Haz' been takin' a bit of flack lately from toys that should prove themselves, pay dues, or really just shut the fuck up. Simple.

The classiest way to retaliate is just to do what you do best and better, tell them you're gonna do it.

Introducing 'The Good Country Beat Tape', inspired by Home Brew's recent NZ tour, and haterz.


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