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Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Five - 6th September, 2010

I suspect that none of my readers fall into the category below, but after the usual round of idiots at the weekend, and following the insane story about DJ Jazzy Jeff getting kicked off mid-way through a set at a DJ AM tribute gig (I suggest AM would be turning in his grave on that one! R.I.P) in a Las Vegas club...

...I have this to say:

To the people that request an artist/song (in 2010 it's Lady Gaga usually) when I'm playing a live set, then ask, "Well, what do you have then?!" when I politely tell them that Lady Gaga is shit and I don't have any...


Oh, sorry I meant I am not an i-Pod. You're too young to know what a jukebox is.

This is what I like and I play what I like.

One. Pursuit Grooves - 'Whisper'
Two. Johnson & Jonson - 'Hidden Bonus Track'

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