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Monday, September 6, 2010

LP FEATURE: Eddie Kendricks - 'People...Hold On' + The Others...


Yeeeahhh. I have been gettin' back into and re-lovin' this old favourite of mine lately. As a result I have been tuning out for any version of 'Girl, You Need A Change of Mind'  I can come across.

Released on legendary label Motown/Tamla, it has to be one of the best 70's soul/funk records you could ever hear, and was released only three years after he left the legendary Temptations.

Here, on his 2nd solo LP, he showcases his amazing falsetto and musically, you could say that some of the jams here are direct pre-cursors to the disco movement.

Comes highly recommended, this is THE Eddie Kendricks LP to find on wax if you are so inclined.


Ironically for a singer, he lost a battle with lung-cancer at the too-young age of 52 in 1992. Have a look at this interview recorded just a year before he passed.

While on the subject...

At the weekend I finally got my self a copy (and so completed my vinyl series collection) of 'Strange Games & Things' Volume 1. Eddie's 'Girl, You Need A Change of Mind' is fittingly the last track on the set.

Great compilation!

Ill versions have been done by Paul Lewis, IG Culture on 'Zen Badizm', and D'Angelo on his 'Interpretations/Remakes' LP over the years, but for me Eddie's is the stand-out. 

Get yourself a DL from up above of his great 'People...Hold On' LP.

Beat-head trainspotters might also recognise that 'My People...Hold On' has been sampled amongst others.

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