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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Niceguys x DITC x Oliver Sain

New rappers on the scene come with this Oliver Sain sampling jam 'The Good Shepherd'.

Hailing from Texas, the crew is made up of DJ Candlestick, producers Christolph and Free, plus rapper Yves Saint who (like most good mic-handlers) comes from NY City.

Don't know a hell of a lot bout' em, apart from what you can check out on the vid below, but what we have here is a legendary hip-hop sample flipped yet again, as well as a very nice flow from Yves, with techniques for days which makes for a promising future for them I reckon.

I get a Pharcyde feel from these cats...

Worth keeping an ear out on these nice guys anyway. So here's a nice way for ya to kick your fan-dom off by checking their electric guitar-lick single 'Mr. Perfect' and Green Room EP for free DL at their Bandcamp site.


<a href="http://theniceguys.bandcamp.com/album/the-green-room-ep">The Green Room EP by The Niceguys</a>

Anyhow, what this track did bring up for me though was a classic track from 97' which samples the very same Oliver Sain jam. Yup, DITC's hot-classic, 'Day One'. The late Big L. just tears it up on this one.

So reminisce, and check out the original, the 90's indie classic and a little sumthin' new.

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