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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kolab - 'Killin' Time' x NEW VID x 'Standards' EP Update

I've been hassling the Kolab boys for a minute about when they're gonna release some of their new ish.
Well here is some of that in the form of their new video for their track 'Killin' Time' directed by Time Pierce.

This dope little jazz-flecked number is the lead single from their forthcoming second EP 'Standards', due for worldwide domination later in the year.

Not far off then...

So, to finish the post, here is a little behind the scenes on one of Auckland City's smoothest hip-hop crews, my boys Kolab!

For more info on what they're up to, and the next movement, hit up their slick web-page HERE.

Behind the Scenes - Killin Time with Kolab from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

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