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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sample & Flip #4

I interviewed US MC Buff-1 the other day on 'Off the Record'. Good guy.

As a bed for the interview I dropped the instrumental of C.R.A.C Knuckle's (Blu & Ta'Raach) 'Bullet Through Me'. When the drum intro hit, Buff was saying, "Yeah man, I love this one!"

(Foreshadow: There's actually a clue in the title and it's basically a crazy cover version...)

Turned out he thought it was the Ta'Raach beat for Erykah Badu's lovely 'Gone Baby, Don't Be Long'.

Mild confusion ensued, and we both mistakenly concluded that the C.R.A.C beat was by Johnson & Jonson producer Mainframe.

(Fact: Blu is also the rapper for Johnson & Jonson.)

Actually, it is also Ta'Raach on the beat.
Buff was elusive as to who the original artist was that was sampled for both of the beats, the drums being the same. 

I didn't know then on the spot, but I do now!

So, after my knowledge seeking, I thought that this was a suitable addition to the 'Sample & Flip' series.

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