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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sample & Flip #3

With the imminent arrival of my (and many others to be honest) day of destiny, I thought it fitting that I post 'Sample & Flip #3 as a nod to the greatest, A Tribe Called Quest.

I really thought that I would never ever get the chance to see the legendary hip-hop group perform in the flesh, and I am one of the lucky ones who has a ticket for the Melbourne gig.

Therefore, it's just right that I post one of my favourite tracks of theirs off of my favourite LP of ALL TIME, 'Midnight Marauders'

Yep, 'The Chase Pt. II' (where in the funk is 'The Chase Pt. I'?!?) is an ab-soul-ute stunner! In the context of the record as a whole it is just another dope track off the most perfect record, but for me it just stands out as one of the best. Can't really say why, it just does...

BUT, if I had to find one reason, it might help that the loop comes from an absolute killer track in it's own right; Steve Arrington's 'Beddie Biey'. 

I was lucky as hell to find a vinyl pressing of this track while on holiday in Japan, but for you fullas and fullesses, here's the 'Tube version; amazing floaty vibes and the most hilarious lyrics! Somehow though, it just DEEE-LIVERS.

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