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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Five - 30th August, 2010

Ohhh yeah! Monday again. The best thing about Mondays is the 'Off the Record' Monday Five eh! Eh guys. Guys? Guys?!

I fell asleep listening to my i-Pod last night and woke up in this half-sleep/Inception kind of place with the Catcall track swimming around my head. Surreal experience, I thought I was listening to some otherworld version of Biggie's 'Notorious'.

There's some lovely stuff here, so please enjoy following the digital path-ways to your own musical discoveries.

One. Catcall - 'Swimming Pool' (Julian Mendelsohn Remix)
Two. Wings - 'Arrow Through Me'
Three. Pollyn - 'Shake It Off' (James Pants Remix)
Four. Andreya Triana - 'A Town Called Obsolete' (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Five. Flying Lotus - 'Camera Day'

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