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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's the D, Baby! Well, Maybe

Holy mother-of-soul!!!
D'Angelo dates have been announced for Europe in early T-12, and it all looks pretty legit according to Okayplayer.

Mr. We Miss You needs to actually hit the stage (and his notes for that matter) for the long awaited dream to come true, but we can live in hope can't we.

It was pretty hard deciding on which pic of the man to use for this post as most are either buff-D from a decade ago or ruff-D looking all bloated and unhealthy in his mug-shots.

So as you can see I plumped for the above classic from the sleeve of his absolute classic 'Voodoo' LP.
In the meantime, let's cross fingers, hope the man is doin' okay and have a listen to an all-time jam.

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