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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib ( I call it Mad-Gib) - 'Thuggin'' EP

Sometimes I try and make mixtapes in a Madlib style but it just doesn't work.
Even if I set out to do a totally loose mix, my inner semi-perfectionist (I'm not completely pshyco) can't resist cleaning it up just a little.

So, I really admire the way that 'Lib just keeps putting out music with a hit & miss attitude.
He is so prolific that he seems to just put it out there which you could say is reflected in the way he treats his DJ sets.

You could argue that he might not be as focused as he was in the early to mid 00's when he put out his best works, but i'm really not that fussed. Although we're all hangin' for Madvilllainy 2!

Anyhow, here's his new shit with Freddie Gibbs...

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