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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alphabethead Posts an Oldie But a Goodie

Things are funny. 

Not always 'ha ha' or 'lolz', but funny as in how you can put something out into the universe and it will eventually just be floating around and might be found or might not blah blah blah. 
I could get really spacious on it, but I won't right now.

Anyhow, DJ Scratch 22 hit me up last week to see if I still had the artwork for a mix that we made back in 2008 that I had actually forgotten about. A friend of his, Wellington City's DJ Alphabethead had heard it a while back and was fiending for a copy. 

So, with the power of Greyskull we dredged it up and sent it off to Alphabethead.

Now, I am well aware of DJ Alphabethead's past achievements, skill and taste for the abstract sounds of the universe but it just so happens that we haven't actually met in person yet despite many mutual friends. 
I have much admiration for his talent and even more so for the 'outside the square' way in which he uses it.

Alphabethead was so into this mix that we did that he recently posted about it on his blog
We were proud of our pshycedelic mix-baby at the time, and I am reminded once again four years later about how much I enjoyed making this set.

Irony is that I had to actually download it from his link to be able to listen to it again.


Thanks David for the link to the DL. If you are keen readers, here it is: 'BudSugarDecksMagic'

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