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Thursday, February 2, 2012

"D'Angelo Live" - Sam Champ Mixtape

Sam Champ is the New York native who bought us THE best remix EP's of 2010/2011, the aptly titled 'Sam Champ Remixes' which featured his dope and oft-played remix of D'Angelo's 'Left & Right'...

Sam Champ: "You may have noticed me using the header Mixtape Mondays on a few posts recently–something we intend to make a semi-regular feature here at Okayplayer. We figured we would kick it off properly with an actual OKP mixtape; something official, something original, something exclusive. Something worthy to place alongside DJ Soul‘s incredible Best of Common and Dilla mixtapes. And then we was like, Hmm what’s happening the last monday in January that we could use as a theme? Superbowl? Newt Gingrich? Or MAYBE the phoenix-like reemergence of our beloved D’Angelo, who is currently spreading his fiery musical wings across the waters in Europe."

Head of HERE for the mixtape DOWNLOAD


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