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Monday, January 30, 2012

Electric Wire Hustle

EWH at Matakana Summer Sunday - Sunday January 29th, 2012

We caught Electric Wire Hustle at the Summer Sunday outdoor festival gig yesterday and as expected, they blew minds; well ours anyway.

Didn't really get to catch up with the boys, but saw Mara briefly earlier in the day and he mentioned that this was the last live gig where they were gonna play their current set.
Mean as, I can dig it!

They reminded me once again just why I love what they do as I could see, and feel the largely "mainstream" crowd get polarised around us by the EWH jazz break-downs and deep vibrations.
Suffice to say that Anna and I were having a fucking ball!

Favourite for the night, 'Waters' and that new one?! DAMNNN.

So, my belief is reaffirmed once more as I reacquaint myself (for the millionth time) with their 'Every Waking Hour' LP and look ahead to the sophomore release on which Dave 'Taay Ninh' Wright says: 'Tryin' to get this sucker finished bro - working on it!'. 

In the meantime, head to electricwirehustle.com for updates and check out the video from their sojourn to NYC from late 2010.

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