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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MED - 'Classic' LP

MED is like Stones Throw Records' resident rapper. 
The diversity that is the STR label's stable means that it is now far removed from the strictly 'hip-hop' label that it was in it's early days.

One thing about MED is that he almost always picks great beats, and on his latest to-be-released LP his selection is no exception; Alchemist, Karriem Riggins, Oh No and a whole swag of beats from 'in-house' producer, the legendary Madlib the Beatkonducta.

Set for release on November 1st (I have already entered it into my diary), hopes are high for a banger of a record.
If early release 12" 'Classic' b/w 'Where I'm From' and the vid for 'MEDical Card' are anything to go by, we should expect one of 2011's stronger rap records.

Check the FREE mp3 DL of 'Outta Control' HERE.

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