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Monday, July 11, 2011

@Peace - @Peace

@Peace is a local crew consisting headlined on the mic by Tom Scott from Homebrew with rhyme partner Lui Tuiasu.

A coming together of some great local talent including Christoph el' Truento on executive production, graf/artist crew Cut Collective on the spacious astrology cover art as well as Electric Wire Hustle's live engineer/fourth band member, Benny Tones doing the mastering.

If Homebrew's fantastic work sounds washed in beer and pills, then this is definately swathed in LSD and pot with Tom and Lui going for a more introspective feel on this one.

Beat production comes from Soul Chef, Influence, Miso Shiru/Brandon Haru, El' Truento, and Nothing To Nobody.

You can head to the indomitable Bandcamp, name your price and cop a DOWNLOAD of this very nice little project.

Have a listen to some of my picks below...

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