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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Floating Points + New Floating Points x Fatima

Safe to say I am always fiending for new shit from the U.K.'s Floating Points.
A classically trained musician plying his craft in electronica; this kid has SERIOUS talent and is one of my favourite producers of the last 2 years.

He has blessed the music world with some seriously amazing tunes over the past couple, and his restraint in only releasing top quality (READ: all killer/no filler) means that I always purchase the vinyl versions.

The latest to appear come in the form of his very sweet 4-tracker with Fatima, 'Follow You' EP released on June 6th and his own 'Marilyn' 12" released this week, both on the always fresh and innovative EGLO Records.

Check out jazzy club-groove 'Marilyn' and b-side 'Farucx' on the ambient tip by hitting the titles.

These kind of things REALLY make my day.
Hope you enjoy too...

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