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Friday, April 1, 2011

A.P.C + Vans

I never "fashion post" on 'Off the Record' (best to leave that to my homie Adam at SlamXHype) but I just had an OMG moment (never use that expression either but it seemed apt) when I got my weekly A.P.C mailer this eve.

Holy shizzle, two of my favourite things, A.P.C and Vans teaming up. 

Now you see these fash colabs all the time and most of the time for me; blah blah blah...

This time though, SOLD!!! Straight to the online shop and picked up a pair of them fine blue-trim daddy-o's.

Should arrive in the mail just in time for my birthday.

So let's get a musical twist in there shall we. Okay...

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