Who Dat?!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sample & Flip #7

Who dat?! Why it's Keni Burke of course. 
Read the 'T' fool.

Well, first 'Sample & Flip' of 2011 and my is it a goodie!

Not only are the following some killer jams, but they are among my fave tracks ever. Lets kick this off.

'Rising To the Top' by Keni Burke is a stone-cold classic. That bass line, keys, piano, smooth as fuck vocals...

Rick James, ahhh RICK JAMES. Crazy party-monster funk-bass legend. The Mary Jane Girls were his protegees.

He was behind the (probably literally on many nights) on this party heavy-hitter. Even better, here is the live Top of the Pops version from 1983...

Now if you aint' already lickin' your lips, then you better, cos' you have a lot of lickin' to do before you can out do the master, LL Cool J!

Marley Marl put in one of his best all round production efforts on LL's super-dope LP from 1990, 'Mama Said Knock You Out'; actually his last great record.

All-time jam 'Around the Way Girl' utilises them Keni Burke samples masterfully. Even better, here's classic footage of LL performing on Arsenio.

Check it...

Arguably one of the best hip-hop producers ever, Pete Rock was without a doubt at the peak of his production powers on 1994's 'The Main Ingredient' LP.

NOBODY has flipped the chorus piano riff from 'Risin' To The Top' as well as Pete did on this one; 'Take You There'.

Here's the original video in real 90's style.


And just cos' he's one of the best contemporary producers around, let's put a full stop on this installment with Madlib's 'Pyramids'.


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